Election 2024- Are You Woke!

The answer is simple, yes! The world as we know it is filled with darkness, evil, distrust, unfairness, unfaithfulness, dishonesty, and disloyalty. How can the blind lead the blind? Someone has to be the light therefore, it is without saying that we need Godly people of integrity, sincerely, sympathy and empathy to lead. People with hearts of compassion and love that is characterized by God’s traits. Joseph, Moses, and Daniel were all politicians who led the people with a servant’s heart not from a pasture of a star/boss. 

I am of the notion that the local church has invested much of its resources in buildings and not people. So much so that it would have paralyzed the academic arm of talented and gifted Christians. When we do not invest in the bright minds of our congregants the world seizes the opportunity and robs them of the church thus creating a void.

Many of our leaders have been boozing the wrong ideology of success. They presume lawyers’ doctors, engineers, bankers, athletes and musicians are the hallmarks of what true success looks like. This is not entirely true consequently, this fictitious, misconstrue elitism must be denounced and debunked by people of faith. Let me not deviate from the proposed question at hand. 

We need a lot more Christian politicians to represent the truth and honesty while preserving the moral fabric of our society. Truth is not relative neither is there any such thing as an alternative truth. Politicians today are so disingenuous and ungodly. Unfortunately, we have subscribed and accepted their empty promises that have fluid their greed and deceptive disposition. 

Let’s look at the Biblical politician Joseph as he governs Egypt. Everyone was treated fairly and just. He listens to the cry of the people and provides aid for them. He let them pay Pharaoh’s text while catering to their need. Joseph did not make empty promises that he could not keep. He did right by the people. We need people who will do right for his/her constituents. This is why I vehemently support Christian politicians and am optimistic that change will come if more Christians get into the race.

The Israelites had a voice in Egypt during the time of famine. What if their brother or countryman Joseph was not there to represent them and provide for the Israelites? Without an inside person, our freedom and rights can be eliminated. Actually, Joseph was the voice of reasoning between the pharaoh and the people. Every other group has its respectful politicians to push their agenda or impose their ideology on us.

Let us cogitate on these questions for a moment:

Why are Bibles removed from schools?

Why is the name Christ offensive in a public space?

Why has the family structure been redefined?

Why is the church under scrutiny?

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